ICB Online Seminars

"Seeking together to discover what it means to be wholehearted followers of Jesus"

Changing Times

Time rolls by us like a flood, taking everything that we hold as "normal" right along with it. Thousands of years ago people read from hand written scrolls. Hundreds of years ago people read out of books mass produced by a marvelous machine called the printing press. Today we read from the internet on pocket-sized devices that are millions of times more powerful than the computers that put man on the moon. Yet after all these years what is important is not the medium through which we come to know the truth but the truth itself. And the knowledge we are still after is the knowledge of the one true living Creator God as revealed in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ.
We can know him. He wants us to know him. His invitation has gone out. All we must do is unroll the scroll, open the book, or fire up our computers and read his unchanging word.

Something new for ICB

It is in light of our changing times that ICB has begun offering online seminars. While our goal to help one another become wholehearted followers of Jesus remains the same, we now have another tool to to help us keep moving in that direction.

Consider signing up for a seminar

ICB is pleased to offer the seminar "The Person of Christ" to people who consider ICB their home. If that's you, and you like to find out more about the seminar "The Person of Christ," please click here or select "The Person of Christ" beneath the "Seminars" tab from the main menu for an overview and to sign up.

A word of thanks

The Gospel Paths online platform and the material for the seminar "The Person of Christ" have been provided to ICB free of charge by the kind folks at Biblearc. More online trainings are available from Biblearc through their website.